Realization of software for the management of maintenance contracts for fire-fighting systems.

Software for systems maintenance

Software build on a request of one of our customers, who needed to manage their maintenance contracts for fire-work systems.

Personal data management,contracts management,order management,worklist,workshop management and operator management. These are the main function of our software for managing fire-work systems,but more generally, it is software for managing systems maintenance of all kinds, which in reality is divided into operating logics full of automatisms capable of significantly reducing the burden of managing the activities on individual operators, from administrators to maintenance workers.

Automatic renewal of active contracts, automatic realization of basic orders of deadlines set in the contracts, assignment of orders to one or more operators, reserved area for costumers from which it is possible to consult the intervention sheets  and all the material relating to the systems present in the offices…

SoftGeCo,our software for the maintenance of fire-work systems, has the goal to facilitate the management of all operations, from administration to the management of operators who works for costumers, having full control of activity and the documentation generated.

The use of SoftGeCo will be able to optimize the work so as to be able to rationalize costs and be able to be more competitive than competitors.

In recent years, even more than in the past, being able to find solutions that help us save time and consequently lower costs, can be the winning move to gain a competitive advantage.

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